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Best Asian Cake Shop in Melbourne

At Sam Baking High,
we offer Next Day Delivery for orders placed before 11 PM. Order cake today, deliver home tomorrow.
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Everyday Zero Contact Delivery

We deliver everyday from 10am-6pm. Most of orders will arrive between 1-6pm.
Please note that orders placed after 6 pm will not be shipped the next day.
You can select your preferred delivery date on the cart page before submitting the order.

All orders will be delivered from 10am-6pm. Your request for specific delivery time will not be entertained.
When you place an order, you agree that the Driver will find a safe place to leave the order if the no one is at home. You will receive a photo via SMS. If it is an apartment, we will send the order back to SBH Burwood for collection.

Min. order from $33. Falt rate $5 to 75 suburbs in Melbourne until Feb 28th, 2021.
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At Sam Baking High, we pride ourselves in being a Cake Shop Melbourne offering some of the Best Cakes in Melbourne. Our assortment of cakes or sweets are always meticulously crafted and baked to a high quality creating a vividly stunning dessert that is also impeccably delicious. Aside from offering freshly baked, with carefully decorated intricate designs for our cakes, we also offer next day delivery for any orders placed before 9 pm. With the adverse impact of COVID-19 we have also adopted a “Zero” contact delivery service where our deliveryman will place your cake as a designated pick-up point that you have established. In a pandemic, we prioritise your health and safety concerns with our Cake delivery method whilst also ensuring you get to enjoy something amazing whilst stuck at home or isolating in this period of difficulty.

We are the Best Cake Shop in Melbourne that you should visit when craving for that sweet tooth of yours. Interested in a cake or a delectably savoury and sweet dessert, visit our website today and see our plethora of scrumptious desserts today!

Cakes, a word that everyone loves and enjoys eating. Whether a cake is used for celebration such as a birthday, wedding or for an anniversary or for people to enjoy and eat together. Cakes are a staple in the dessert world. Baked from simple ingredients such as flour, sugar and other ingredients to create a savoury and sweet dessert, cakes at Sam Baking High can be considered to be the pinnacle if not the ultimate dessert for sweet lovers. With countless cake recipes and varieties, a cake may seem complex and difficult to bake, however it is far from a complicated procedure. With the development of baking equipment and innovations in technology, baking a cake has never been easier. With a professional baker and love for their craft combined with technology, Sam Baking High’s cakes are some of the most unique and diverse products found in a cake shop Melbourne. Our desire to hone, improve and explore our creative craftsmanship is what elevates our products to be some of the best cakes in Melbourne.

There is a saying that “more is less”. With a cake, there is no room to hide, using even the simplest ingredients, a sweet delicacy can be born that stands out impactful and delicious. However, at Sam Baking High we do not want to be simple. We aspire to go beyond the boundaries of creative craftsmanship, how else can we endeavour to provide the best cakes in Melbourne. Every cake we bake is crafted with joy and passion from our staff. The ingredients we use are fresh and harmoniously infused to create a world of savoury delight. A slice of our cake will tell you instantly that we really do offer the best cakes in Melbourne. After all, creativity and passion are what we wish to showcase in our cakes. With adorable designs and unique flavours that will deliver a sweet punch, we are sure you will love our cakes regardless of which one you choose.

Cakes at Sam Baking High are unique, meticulously designed, inspiring, adorable, and sentimental. Every cake we bake daily at Sam Baking High encapsulates the dedication and care our bakers instil in this savoury delectable. With a wide range of cakes to choose from, have a try from our selection here and find out why we are bold enough to claim to make the best cakes in Melbourne.

What sets Sam Baking High apart is not just the quality of ingredients or the skillful techniques employed, but the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Every cake is infused with love and attention to detail, ensuring that each bite is a moment of pure bliss. Step into our cake shop in Melbourne, and prepare to be mesmerized by a tantalizing array of flavors and designs. Whether you're craving a classic chocolate indulgence or a refreshing fruit delight, our talented bakers will exceed your expectations with their culinary prowess.

But Sam Baking High, offering the best cakes in Melbourne, is a creator of memories. From intimate celebrations to grand milestones, our cakes have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that last a lifetime. So, if you're in search of the best cakes in Melbourne or a cake shop in Melbourne, look no further than Sam Baking High. Let us elevate your next celebration with a slice of perfection. After all, life is too short not to indulge in the finer things, especially when they come in the form of a delicious cake from Sam Baking High.