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Tea Lovers Cake bears people’s hopes and attempts to achieve a better living condition; they depict events such as meetings and celebrations. When everyone gathers for family reunion meals, friends’ dinners, or particular holidays, the tea cakes can be the centre of attention on the table and help create friendly feelings among the participants of the events and bring more warmth and happiness.

Tea Lovers Cake is a way to share and spend time together. Not only does sharing bring deliciousness, but also the joy and camaraderie that come with sharing tea cakes. Whether at a relative's meal or a friend’s dinner, a piece of tea cake may become the centre of attention; it will connect people who eat it, make them closer, and bring some smiles and heat. The tea cake has the ability to make any event memorable.

Product Features

We offer two tea cake flavours for you: Hojicha & Mandarin Cake and Oolong & Peach Cake.

The Hojicha & Mandarin Cake begins with a brewed cream of hojicha, a Japanese roasted green tea, with deep roast, sweet, and lightly caramelly flavour notes. 

The Oolong & Peach Cake is made by steeping the cream in Oolong tea and using a Japanese chiffon sponge, silky Oolong tea cream, diced peaches, peach jelly, and so on to create a distinct experience.

Rich Texture

The tea flavour alternates with the condensed texture of the cake, forming a very delicious taste. There is a scent of tea and sweetness in every bite, and as they melt in our mouths, the enjoyment that comes with it fills our souls.

Health and Enjoyment Coexist

It's one of the ingredients that make this cake a unique flavour, and consumption of this cake adds to the nutritional value of tea for the consumer. Tea has several antioxidants and other compounds that will keep you healthy while giving you a healthy dessert option.

Suitable for Various Occasions

From snacks for afternoon tea to birthday desserts or as sweets for gatherings on holidays, Tea cake is a great option. It not only gives you value for the money you spent buying it but also brings a special taste to a certain event. Tea Lovers Cake will ensure a different taste for absolute tea lovers or those eager to try new cuisines; it would be a delight to taste how tea and cake can be perfectly combined.

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