Glamorous Wedding Cakes

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Wedding Cakes Melbourne symbolise a ritual, a commemoration of commitment, love, respect, struggle and a binding vow towards a loved partner. A wedding is a very momentous, significant and important event and Glamarous Wedding Cakes Melbourne are available at Sam Baking High. Crafted with perfection and delicate care, our wedding cakes are designed to be stunning and packed with flavour. Today we will have a look at the meaning of Wedding cakes Melbourne.

Why are Cakes Important at Weddings?

Traditionally, in ancient Rome, grains of wheat were thrown at the newly wed to symbolise fruitfulness as wheat represented fertility. Over time wheat began to be baked into cakes stacking them to represent prosperity. Currently, Wedding Cakes Melbourne are a staple for modern weddings and can also symbolise good-luck and prosperity. Most importantly, Wedding Cakes Melbourne allow the bride and groom to create flavours that reflect themselves as individuals and as a couple.

How did Wedding Cakes Come About?

During the Shakespearean century, instead of Wedding Cakes Melbourne, the friends of the bride would bring a sweet bun reflecting the popularity of the one to be married. These sweet buns would be stacked, but with the invention of icing, the sweet buns would adhere to each other with other condiments such as honey and apple sauce.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes Melbourne can be difficult to choose from, however at Sam Baking High you can ensure guaranteed satisfaction when you entrust monumental responsibility to us! We plan our Wedding Cakes Melbourne by understanding the expectations of the bride and groom, giving them references and tasting boxes to allow them to adequately choose the most appropriate flavour and design. To ensure that we nail the mark and exceed expectations, we will do a detailed consultation to finalise. After all the consulting, just pay a deposit and eagerly await the magic!


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