Easter Delectable Sweets--Best Cakes in Melbourne

Hippity hoppity, a joyful moment filled with hidden surprises and excitement is drawing near. The season of Autumn and Easter is a perfect pairing for enjoying an assortment of sweets with your family and friends. A time where children run around frantically looking for chocolate eggs, a religious commemoration for many with religious backgrounds as well as a time of celebration. That is why during the long Easter Holidays 14th April to 18th April, SamBaking High are proud to offer a limited edition assortment of Easter specials such as our Easter Bunny Cake!!! This uniquely designed cake is stunning, delectable, and bound to make you and your loved ones enamoured this easter. We also have two other limited-edition products, our Easter Pudding Party and Easter Pudding Party with Egg Cookie Cone. The pudding party is a pudding tart pack with 5 different flavours, dark chocolate, taro easter egg, raspberry easter egg, original chook, Matcha and Azduki Bean Bunny! Our other product not only includes the Pudding Party but also a few adorably inspired Easter cookies! Hurry though we expect this to be extremely popular and we will only be taking order and deliveries during these 4 days!!!

best cakes in melbourne

Now during Autumn, imagine a picturesque scenery of golden leaves falling as you and your loved one walk through whilst a photographer takes your image. That’s right, the majestic and magical sensation of Autumn Weddings! What a romantic and memorable way to commemorate a special day and to top if off, the perfect Wedding Cake! There’s no other way to finish a ceremony than with a cake designed to your ideal image that captures the theme of your wedding inspiration as well as leaving a vivid memory of flavourful impact.

Each wedding cake is carefully and meticulously designed in such a manner that every angle captures its beauty and reflects the perfect mood for your Wedding! Whether you are looking for a grandiose or beautiful Wedding Cake, we have you covered, check out our page and order yours now!

Excited for these Autumn memories? Contact us now and order our Easter Bunny Cake or that perfect wedding Cake now!