Desserts Galore

Breakfast Time

Someone once said, "Life is short, eat dessert first."

I think this is quite true. No one can resist the temptation and savouring delicacy of dessert. Mousse cake, fragrant and delicious, soft in texture, with a cup of milk tea. What a fantastic start to the day! Let us forget the bustling and hustling of the busy city life and instead imagine yourself seated at a table. A soft and creamy chestnut harvest cake greets you with its sweet and aromatic flavour, to the side, crispy cheese biscuits, complemented by the bitter sweetness of wine, and various innovative types of egg tarts with crisp shells and smooth and delicate fillings. Traditional almond cookies bright in color, sweet and refreshing, and shaped like the elegant full moon. Delicious, but not greasy......

Haha! Are you licking your mouth right now?

Sweet Desserts Melbourne


Let's Picnic in Summer Time 

A dessert set with nine mixed flavours. On a sunny day, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the cold breeze with your relatives or good friends and nibbling down on a scrumptious dessert. I believe it would be one of the most memorable moment in your life. Just enjoy and remember the happiness at the time.

Sweet Desserts Melbourne


“Dessert Set”

Perfectly portioned ingredients mixed with eggs, fresh milk and various flavours creates a fragrant velvety filling. Set in a crispy crust with reduced sugar for a more fulfilling treat. 6 different flavours in the pack, dark chocolate, taro, original, raspberry, blueberry, matcha and adzuki bean, one flavour each to taste. 

Sweet Desserts Melbourne

"It brings me the memory with grandma"

Traditional Asian almond cookies are must-have items during the Lunar New Year and appear regularly during celebrations. Why wait for Chinese New Year to come around though, why not come to Sam Baking High and have a taste of our Asian almond cookies to revitalize your childhood. Our Asian almond cookies will not disappoint you and bring you back to the time when all your family were together. Serve this dessert with a cup of hot tea. Trust me! A cup of hot tea and Asian almond cookies are the best match in the world.

"Cake Session"

Cakes are frequently dessert treats that we indulge in our lives. When you feel down, eat a cake! When you are celebrating your birthday, eat a cake! When you are preparing wedding with your loved-one, just choose a cake! Cake plays quite the vital role in our lives. So why don’t we just eat some cakes, and everything may become a piece of cake!

Sweet Desserts Melbourne

Firstly, please allow me to introduce one of best-sellers in our store -- Chestnut Harvest Cake. When we talk about harvest, all about warm, gold and chestnut. A mouthful of Chestnut Harvest Cake, reminiscent of the sweet autumn harvest. One of the most gob smacking and delicious cakes, order today and enjoy a Chestnut Harvest Cake!


If you would like to have a taste of Summer. You have to try our tropical flavored "Mango Pomelo Sago", the poster child of Hong Kong desserts. May your dreams have sweet candy houses and cute little mushrooms, with our sour sweet Mango Cake.

Sweet Desserts Melbourne


Wedding Cakes”

It is time to prepare a tasteful cake for your loved ones and one of the most important events of your life – Marriage! Select a wedding cake with your love together to celebrate your big day! Take the cake greet your relatives with and your friends for the big day of your life when the sun is shining, and the breeze is still warm. Open the champagne and celebrate! Best wishes to you and your partner for a lifetime of happiness and let the cake decorate the best moment of your life.

Sweet Desserts Melbourne
Sweet Desserts Melbourne

Time for an Afternoon Dessert

In a leisurely and comfortable afternoon, you need delicious desserts to elevate your happiness even higher. At the feast of family and friends, you need delicious dessert sets and cakes to share the joyous moment with each other. Even when you are feeling down, you need a sweet treat to soothe your heart and give you something new to look forward to. Sam Baking High has always been there, and we are dedicated to bringing the ultimate gourmet experience to our customers. It is a feastful and joyous moment for the taste buds.

Once you order today by 9 pm, you will enjoy the deliciousness tomorrow! Flat rate of $5 delivery fee for minimum orders $33 and free delivery for celebration cakes.

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