Delectable Desserts

Whenever it comes to dessert or eating something sweet, delectable, savoury, aromatic and exquisite, there is always room for dessert. At SamBakingHigh we know that it can be a bit difficult to know what you specifically want for dessert especially considering how there are an assortment to choose from. From dessert boxes, to cookies, to cakes, to even garlic bread, there is almost a seemingly endless choice of desserts to decide. Leave that decision making to us, compiled below are our list of recommendations that not only you can enjoy but also for friends, family or loved ones.

Let’s Picnic Set

Looking for something savoury and sweet with an assortment of variations for a nice picnic in the summer sun or scenic autumn landscapes. This is a must have for a picnic with friends, family and loved ones to all indulge and enjoy. One of our most beloved and highly recommended items. You cannot go wrong with this dessert picnic box set.

Let's picnic set dessert box from SamBakingHigh

Asian Cookie Tasting Box

Whether you are looking for something different, experience a different culture and immerse your palate with a scrumptious, mouth-watering, and delectable Asian Cookie Tasting Box. Whether you want to reminisce about your origins, or are bold enough to try something different, this is our recommendation for you.

Asian Cookie Tasting Box about delectable desserts from SamBakingHigh

Pork Floss, Taro, Salted Egg Cake

Pork Floss commonly referred to as Chinese Cotton candy, with the meaty floss having a texture like coarse cotton but tasting like soy saucy sweetened, salty red meat, this is a must try for pork floss lovers! Combined with Taro and Salted Egg cake, a package of flavours is waiting to burst in your mouth the moment you bite!

Pork Floss, Taro, Salted Egg cake from SamBakingHigh

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

Iconic, memorable and savoury. What more can you describe garlic bread. Craving something with a bit of cheese that has a nice kick of flavour and arouma? This is our recommended go to item, easily combine it with a homemade pizza or takeout plus soft drink. Even have it as a quick and refreshing snack and see if you can have a cheese-worthy pull. 

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread from SamBakingHigh Desserts

 German Pudding Tart Tasting Pack

European desserts, especially German desserts have an exquisite and beautifully decorated design that captivates your eyes when you look at them before indulging in the sweet delicacies. We have an assortment of German pudding tarts, and it might be a bit difficult to choose from, but we recommend this tasting pack that offers various types of German pudding tarts where you can enjoy multiple different flavours.

German Pudding Tart Tasting Pack from SamBakingHigh's desserts

Pure Taro Cake

A chef favourite from SamBakingHigh. Whether you want something big to share with a group of people or if you want to crave that Taro craving but bubble tea isn’t enough, this is a go to dessert cake. With the option to serve it as a birthday cake or for 6 to 8 people, this is a dessert cake that will leave you gobsmacked and satiate that Taro sweet tooth of yours.

Pure Taro Cake from SamBakingHigh

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