Best Celebration Cakes for Winter!

Celebration cakes Melbourne. These three words combined can only bring about a perfect and spectacular imagery. Mouth-watering, freshly baked, high-quality ingredients, meticulously crafted and a spectacular sight to be hold to the human eyes.

Celebration cakes Melbourne is a fine craft of Sam Baking High, our team devote themselves passionately and creatively to create inspirational cakes worthy of being some of Melbourne’s finest Celebration Cakes! Every cake we design is baked with quality ingredients and meticulously designed to create a stunning display before your eyes. Underneath the carefully crafted design is a world full of flavour waiting for you to savour and guaranteed to satiate those sugary cravings.

The Azduki Bean and Pudding Chiffon Cake is one of the best sellers at Sam Baking High. If you ever find yourself looking for a celebration cake, then look no further. The Azduki Bean and Pudding Chiffon Cake encapsulates the very definition of a Celebration Cake Melbourne. With a perfect balance of flavours between the azduki beans and Japanese chiffon cake layered with pudding. This cake right here is a must have for people looking to celebrate!

[NEW] Azduki Bean & Puddding Chiffon Cake - Sam Baking High

Looking for something a bit zestier and sweeter with a touch of pink? Check out our Strawberry Bunny Celebration Cake! With a base of a Japanese chiffon sponge cake, layered with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and Taiwanese pudding, this celebration cake is a ‘berry’ delightful surprise for children or for surprises! Get this celebration cake today and celebrate an upcoming birthday, wedding, promotion, anniversary or just to satiate that sweet tooth of yours!

Strawberry Bunny - Sam Baking High


If you’re looking for a bit of a combination flavoured cake then we highly recommend the Taro and Azduki Bean combination!! A flavoured balance between the delicious sweetness of Taro and Unsweetened Azduki Bean is perfect for many savouring something unique but different!

Taro&Azduki Bean Combination


At Sam Baking High we are synonymous with being one of Melbourne’s most innovative, creative, unique, and extraordinary cake shops that provide stunning celebration cakes! Celebration cakes Melbourne created at Sam Baking High are all crafted with care and professionalism by our passionate team of bakers catering to your required needs. Looking for Celebration Cakes Melbourne, visit our website and contact us today to see how we can help you procure a celebration cake that emphasises the extra in extraordinary!