Rainbow Macaron Set

Rainbow Macaron Set

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Dive into a world of color and flavor with our exclusive 'Rainbow Macaron Set.

Encased within seven vibrant shells are a myriad of delightful tastes, each macaron telling its own unique story.

Start with the pristine elegance of our original flavor, where simplicity meets perfection. Allow the rich indulgence of chocolate to melt your senses, before getting a tropical punch from the zesty pineapple. Let the deep notes of coffee whisk you away to serene cafés, and then experience the tangy kick of ruby grapefruit. The fruity embrace of raspberry offers a burst of freshness, rounded off perfectly by the earthy, nutty nuances of black sesame.

But the joy isn't just in the taste; each macaron boasts an adorable icon face, adding a dash of whimsy and character to this delightful assortment.

Our 'Rainbow Macaron Set' isn't just a treat; it's an experience. Each bite is a journey through flavors and moods, making it the perfect gift or indulgence.


French Macaron Shell, Flavoured Cream


Contains Almond, Egg, Nuts, Gluten&Diary product