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Craving something sweet Do you desire a sweety delicacy that will melt in your mouth and send your tastebuds panicking from the delectable flavours and take your breath away with an impressive visually designed sweet? Sweet tooth individuals and avid sweet lovers, give satiate your sugary cravings right now after the Melbourne lockdown. What better way to reward your tastebuds than with our Melbourne Dessert Box! A uniquely tasteful journey that will remind you of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and satiate your desires.

The design of our sweet box is carefully crafted and baked daily by professional bakers with a careful eye to detail. With each sweet collection embodying an originating from unique and different cultures, Sam Baking High's dessert box is second to none in their diversity and what we offer. Our new and very popular in demand Animal Pudding Party is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face with their cute and adorable looks, making it almost a shame to eat them. The sweet savoury flavour hiding underneath that cuteness though will leave you craving for more. Now, we also offer dessert delivery in Melbourne.

Various types of sweet delights are carefully selected in every dessert box, from our Picnic Set, Traditional Almond Cookies, Asia Cooking Tasting Box, and many more delicacies waiting to be discovered from our collection. Each of these savoury sweets is freshly produced, made with quality ingredients, and enters your sight with our baker's exquisite craftsmanship. Wanting something for the whole family to snack on and unleash their inner lockdown cravings? Enjoy our dessert box and picnic box with your family and friends. They are your perfect option for picnics, parties, or just an afternoon tea at home. Have your dream dessert box delivered in Melbourne!

There is just something magical about desserts. Dessert box especially are a magical surprise for everyone to enjoy together at any moment. In our opinion, Dessert box are a favourite among our products, imagine, an endearing surprise waiting to be opened and eaten with eyes of amazement and mouths salivating from the surprise of the sweet delicacies. Delicately and meticulously crafted desserts that have been perfected over time inside a dessert box. Where each dessert leaves behind an impactful punch full of sweetness and flavour. The sweets in the dessert box are decorated with adorable designs, carefully crafted and popular among many sweet lovers. Is this not what a dessert box should encapsulate?

Desiring a little more from something small but impactful, Sam Baking High have endeavoured to bring about perfection in our craftsmanship to give customers the ultimate dessert experience. Being able to share the magical moment of a dessert in a dessert box is what Sam Baking High aspires to achieve. Our dessert box, inspired by creativity combined with adorable designs will take you on a joyride of savoury deliciousness. With each bite, a flavour of various ingredients harmoniously combined give off an impact of joy that will leave you craving for more sweets in a dessert box! That is why Sam Baking High’s dessert box have a variety of cultural options for you to choose from. Dessert box can be chosen from some of the following: 21st Century Emoji Animal Pudding Tarts that appeal to millennials to classic Asian palates such as Taro Pudding or fancy European German Pudding Tarts!

Dessert box at Sam Baking High are innovative, unique, creatively designed, and carefully crafted where we truly push beyond the limits of creative craftsmanship. Our handcrafted desserts in our dessert box are sourced from quality ingredients and are always freshly baked on the day and then delivered to you as soon as possible for you to enjoy. Find out why we are one of the most popular dessert box shops in Melbourne by buying from our dessert box selections and have dessert delivered in Melbourne!


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