The Best Cakes to Purchase at Sam Baking High

Sam Baking High aspires to provide local Melbournians the Best Cakes in Melbourne! What better way to showcase the most unique, extravagant, breathtaking, delicious, and artistical beauty than through our Designer Collections! These cakes are some of the proudest creations at Sam Baking High and are the reason why we give our customers the Best Cakes in Melbourne!

Dripped Animal Party

8 adorable looking emojis all huddled together on a cake, what a perfect description for a dripped animal party! This is one of our most favourite cakes from our designer selections and it is one of the Best Cakes in Melbourne! Filled with layers of buttercream with either Oreo crumbs or French Raspberry sauce and modelled after the famous Julia Child! This cake has a mixture of chocolate sponge, dark chocolate brownie and Asian Chiffon cake! Certainly, a Designer Collections worthy cake, and most definitely one of the Best Cakes in Melbourne! This cake is definitely one of those cakes for either a joyous celebratory moment such as a birthday, anniversary or even just for a party, an amazing cake to flaunt and impress everyone with!

Pink Lady

An elegant and pristine cake embellished carefully with art, charisma, and love! The Pink Lady cake is another one of The Best Cakes in Melbourne and another one of our favourites in the Designer Collections. Layered with handcraft buttercream that is filled with a choice of either Oreo crumbs or French raspberry sauce and decorated with edible decorations and French Roses. This cake is certainly one to impress a special someone or even for your mother. Whilst this is an amazing cake, it does take 2 days minimum notice to prepare, after all, we aspire in delivering our customers perfection and giving them The Best Cakes in Melbourne.

Chocolate Lover Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate? One of the most delectable sweets on the earth and certainly a perfection that we must include in our designer selections top cakes! Isn’t this cake simply one of The Best Cakes in Melbourne? We sure believe it is, and so do our customers, especially chocolate lovers! Loaded with an impactful flavour of chocolate flavoured snacks, Oreos, Ferrero Rocher, Kit-kat and many more! This chocolate flavoured cake is simply a delight to bestow your eyes upon. This unique chocolate cake is nowhere seen in Melbourne and is why we believe it to be one of the Best Cake in Melbourne for chocolate delights!


At Sam Baking High we are synonymous with being one of Melbourne’s most innovative, creative, unique, and extraordinary cake shops that provide unique cakes nowhere else in Melbourne! Our designers’ selections of cake is a testament to our abilities to provide the Best Cakes in Melbourne! If you are looking for the extravagant, something bold, unique, and glamorous then you have come to the right place! Sam Baking High offers the Best Cakes in Melbourne, visit our website, and contact us today to see how we can help you procure a cake!