The Best Cakes for a Child or Loved one!

What is something that comes to mind when you hear celebrations, anniversaries with a tint of cuteness adorned with meticulous designs encapsulating a joyous and cute creation of dedication? Did any of you think of the word cake? Well, we at Sam Baking High sure did and boy are our customers in for a huge treat with our new products available with our cake delivery Melbourne service! We have released two new types of collections for you to enjoy that comes with our Cake Delivery Melbourne service, both collections are perfect for celebratory events, anniversaries or just a perfect recipe for you and others to enjoy!

Cartoon Cakes

Looking for a unique cake that your child would love to eat and be perfect for celebrating their birthday? Look no further! Our Cartoon Cake collection is a new collection of cakes offered with our Cake Delivery Melbourne Service. The Cartoon Cakes are as the name implies, cakes decorated in an inspirational manner inspired from a child’s favourite cartoon TV series or animation characters! Moreover each of the decorated cakes are adorned with edible characters that are safe for children and not some plastic character. These cakes are to be enjoyed in their entirety and are perfect for your child to indulge in, buy a cartoon cake and get it delivered with our cake delivery Melbourne Service

Cakes Full of Love

Decorated for the purpose of expressing one’s love and capturing a romantic and beautiful moment that will be cherished at a joyous occasion. Sam Baking High’s newest collection of Love Cakes offers a selection of quality cakes that express the romantic creativity of our bakers. Sculpted to capture one’s heart and convey love, each of the love cakes available, these cakes are perfect for you to share with a loved one! Get a cake decorated with love and have it delivered to you with our quality Cake Delivery Melbourne Service!


At Sam Baking High we are synonymous with being one of Melbourne’s most innovative, creative, unique, and extraordinary cake shops that provide stunning cartoon cakes! We also offer another collection of cakes with our Cake Delivery Melbourne service, Celebratory cakes for your partner, the Love Cakes! Looking for a cake for your child or partner? Come to Sam Baking High Melbourne, visit our website and contact us today to see how we can help you procure a cake for your child or loved one that comes with out cake delivery Melbourne services!