Dragon Boat Festival Delectable Sweets and Cakes!

Dragon Boat Cake

The Dragon Boat Festival. A traditionally celebrated public holiday for many people of Chinese descent. A festival that involves celebration where many people eat rice dumplings, drink realgar wine and most memorable of all, race dragon boats. The origin of Dragon Boat Festival stems from ancient time, where many people believed these activities were an effective way of preventing disease, warding off evil whilst also improving well-being and health.

A big festival for many of Chinese cultural background, that is why we have handcrafted a unique cake that showcases why we offer the best cakes in Melbourne. The dragon boat cake is baked with quality ingredients from slow cooked taro, Japanese chiffon sponge, black glutinous rice. Most importantly, it is one of the best cakes in Melbourne that encapsulates the spirit of the Dragon boat festival! We have incorporated many traditional flavours that would usually be in a rice dumpling inside the cake and wrapped it carefully with a leaf that is traditional of rice dumplings. This is for sure one of the best cakes in Melbourne that you will find no where else!

Available from the 2nd of June to the 5th of June, this limited-edition Dragon Boat Cake is a must for cake lovers and participants of the Dragon Boat Festival!

A Dragon Boat Cake

Dragon Boat Box

Looking for something a little more unique with more to share for everyone? Our unique dessert box Melbourne collection has another limited edition, the Dragon Boat Box is the perfect dessert box for everyone to share! This dessert box has 5 different dessert pastries that we believe are the perfect choice to celebrate and share for the Dragon Boat Festival! Macarons designed in the inspiration of rice dumplings, a dragon boat cookie, crispy cheese stick, tea pastry and four-season tea! A dessert box perfect for the Dragon boat festival celebration!

Available from the 1st of June to the 5th of June, this limited-edition Dragon Boat Cake is a must for cake lovers and participants of the Dragon Boat Festival!

 Dessert box with 5 different dessert pastries

Designer Selection

Check out our unique designer selection! Cakes listed here are designed by us and chosen here, showcasing some of the best cakes in Melbourne! If you are looking for something to celebrate or for a birthday cake, designer selections are our go to choose. The cakes are chocolate sponge combined with different flavours such as dark chocolate brownie or Asian chiffon cake to offer you plenty of quality options!

A birthday cake with many animals on top

Excited to indulge in the festivity of the Asian Boat Festival? Order the limited-edition Dragon Boat Cake now and make the Asian Boat Festival a little more enticing and elevated with unique aromatic flavours! Sam Baking High provides some of the best cakes in Melbourne, our cakes are unique, designed to meticulous perfection and crafted with only the best of ingredients!