Desserts for Mother’s Day

There is always something magical regarding desserts, whether it is from opening a dessert box and indulging in the delectable treats waiting to be savoured or with loved ones. May is here and with May comes many Jedi fans reminiscing over the Star Wars series, however another important event is also underway.

That is right, Mother’s Day is approaching on the 8th of May. A pillar, a resilient foundational support, a woman of wisdom, endless love and the one who carried us for 9 months and brought us into the world. Mother’s Day is a special commemoration, we take one day out of the 365 to commemorate a special day and appreciate the sacrifice, the opportunities that our mother’s have provided for us. So, what should you get for Mother’s Day?

We reckon a savoury dessert box or to kick it up a notch, something that will really make an impactful Mother’s Day with a limited-edition Mother’s Day special dessert box! Sam Baking High are proud to present our customer’s a limited time edition special of Mother’s Day Pudding Tart and a Mother’s Day Flower Cookie!

Pudding Tarts are a customer favourite at Sam Baking High, using expertise skills and design, we have carefully decorated the pudding tarts to truly represent a heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift Dessert Box. With 5 different flavours in the dessert box, your mum will be ecstatic to enjoy the flavours of dark chocolate, taro, raspberry, original and Matcha and Adzuki Bean flavours! Feeling it needs a little touch of something extra? Add an extra Mother’s Day flower cookie bouquet among the pudding tart dessert box to truly give an extra special day for your mum. It is not everyday you get an edible rose that comes in with a delectable dessert box designed specifically for your mum to enjoy!

Pudding Tarts for Mother’s Day

The items in the Mother’s Day collections are highly popular and we recommend ordering in early to get a limited opportunity to taste a once in a lifetime dessert box! Our bakers work effortlessly to create perfect craftsmanship that sets our dessert boxes apart from everyone else. Each pudding tart and cookie are carefully crafted and designed with loving hands.

Looking for a savoury delectable from our dessert box collections or something to put a bright smile on your mother’s face? Order Sam Baking High’s super popular Mother’s Day Collections here. A limited collection only available from the 7th of May to the 8th of May, hurry and get that perfect dessert box of a pack of 5 Mother’s Day pudding tart!