Best Cakes in Melbourne

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people think cakes have a special place in their hearts? Some people like to eat sugary food to enlighten their day. They feel pleased especially when they are eating a cake that fulfils their appetite. Some people like to order cakes for special occasions. They consider it as a way to show their love to significant ones and would like to share their happiness with other people by distributing the cake. Therefore, it is very important to order the best cake you can afford to make your day special and joyful.

Why Sam Baking High make the best cake in Melbourne


Sam Baking High provides a selection of cake designs to address the need of different occasions, ranging from tasty celebration cakes make with the best seasonal fruit to fancy wedding cakes inspired by contemporary design. Our cakes are works of art.


We care about every step to make delicious cakes in wonderful flavours and textures that bless your taste buds. Our cakes are freshly made with high premium ingredients every day. The classic flavours of our cakes include Strawberry, Oreo, Salted Egg, pineapple & passion fruit, etc. We also contently release seasonal or festival exclusive editions to keep you feel fresh to our production. We are sure the layering taste of cakes will whet your appetite.

Cake range

Sponge cake

We make the best sponge cakes that are light and airy. We have put some magic and upgraded the most traditional, basic sponge cake to multiple flavour cakes that will literally melt in your mouth.

The classic cheese baked sponge cake is ideal as an afternoon tea delight. You will feel a stronger impact if you have a quick reheat before enjoying it.

If you are an absolute chocolate lover, you mustn’t miss this fluffy, soft cloud-like cream, Dirty Dirty Cocoa sponge cake. It is filled with ice cream cheese and coffee jelly and a thick cocoa power layer which is an unbeatable combination.

 Celebration Cakes

Take your love for floral cakes to a new height with this incredible rose design, The Valentines. We decorated the cake with fresh rose petals and wrapped the cake like a big bunch of beautiful roses. Its soft, alluring look will touch her heart.

Wedding Cakes

Every wedding cake has a unique romantic story behind it. The wedding cake witness one of the best days in the couple’s life. Sam Baking High celebrates this eternal love with all our effort. We do our best to present you with the dream of every bride on their big day. We would like to share the bright anticipation of their marriage in every wedding cake that we made. We are trusted by many couples and have experience in making personalised wedding cakes. If you would like to order a bespoke wedding cake, fill in the register of interest form here. Our staff will reach out to you very soon.

Custom made

Besides the regular options and the seasonal exclusive options, we are also open to taking special orders. Our team is more than happy to customise the best cake in various themes to deliver the exact cake that has in mind and make your moment special. Check our previous custom cake design on Instagram.

Contact us

Sam Baking High is a Melbourne-based bakery that specialising in cake creations. We always try our best to deliver our customers the best cake in Melbourne. Satisfy your sweet tooth today by placing an order on our website or following our Instagram to receive the latest news from Sam Baking High.