Best Cake Shop in Melbourne: Dessert & Cake Delivery

Atmospheric. Sensational. Relaxing. Just a few of an abundance of words that can describe the beauty that encapsulates the majestic season of Autumn. Imagine the weather being colder, the day transforming into a picturesque scenery with falling leaves and to top it off, some sweet desserts!

Autumn is a popular season, and many Autumn lovers may agree that it is if not the perfect weather for picnics and enjoying a cold but refreshing breeze with falling leaves. So, the question is which delectable dessert or sweet box to choose from to pair with the wonders of Autumn? Fear not for we have compiled our quality choices of dessert boxes that will be perfect for this season of Autumn.

Animal Party Collection

Our newest edition of desserts that are not only cute, but also perfect for impressing your friends with their visually aesthetics. Designed off of the popular emoticons, these desserts can come in the form of pudding tarts or cakes and have a variety of different emojis with various flavours.

Check out our assortment of animal parties here or click on the links below.

Animal Party Cake Collection in Melbourne

German Pudding Tart Tasting Pack

German pudding tarts are a heavy popular here at Sam Baking High and pair well with this Autumn season especially. We have an assortment of Pudding tarts from Choco, Taro, Original, Raspberry and even Matcha and Azduki Bean flavour ones.

So many options to choose from, now if you know which one you want then you can buy these twin packs. However, if you don’t know then we highly recommend choosing from our Pudding Tart Sweet Box. Coming in a set of 5 each uniquely different flavours, you are bound to love this dessert box and it is a bargain of a price.

German Pudding Tart Tasting Pack in Melbourne


Taro Pudding Sponge Cake

For all the taro lovers especially boba lovers who order the classic milk tea drink with taro, this is the dessert to share among your friends with. Our taro pudding sponge cake will instantly satiate that taro craving as you dig into this scrumptious dessert.

Taro Pudding Sponge Cake in Melbourne

At Sambaking High we are synonymous with being a cake shop or a dessert shop and we pride ourselves in offering you aesthetically pleasing, savoury and unique desserts baked with care and professionalism by our team. Our services include dessert delivery and cake delivery in Melbourne. Got an appetite for sweets or want to try out our dessert boxes, visit our website today and enjoy the savoury sweets!